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Cooking Range

16 X 13 X 23 Inch

Sink Counter

16 X 13 X 23 Inch

Washing Machine

16 X 13  X 23 Inch 


16 X 13 X 31 Inch

Ironing Table

22 X 8 X 22 Inch

Clothes Drying Line

12 X 8 X 22 Inch

Dressing Table

20 X 12 X 20 Inch

Doll Bed

28 X 10 X 13 Inch

Black Lily Play Kitchen (Water)

32 X 15 X 36 Inch

Black Lily Play Kitchen (Dry)

32 X 15 X 36 Inch

Cleaning Set

7.8 X 7.8 X 29 Inch


38 X 31.5 Inch

Peg Board

43 X 31.5 Inch



Sensory Table

25 X 17 X 19 Inch

Light Table

22 X 22 X 19 Inch

Mirror Table

22 X 22 X 19 Inch

Easel Board

17 X 15.5 X 30 Inch

Acrylic Easel Board

17 X 15.5 X 35.5 Inch

Innovative, imaginative and fun Pretend Play collections fuel young minds with creativity, learning, and problem-solving skills in a safe environment.

 From enchanting farmhouses and vibrant shops to nurturing clinics, our multipurpose play items are perfectly suited for kindergarten classrooms, offering endless possibilities. With options like traffic parks, ice cream parlors, garages, and banks, children can explore diverse scenarios and engage their creativity. Each piece is carefully crafted, combining lightweight construction with varied designs for an immersive play experience. Safety is a priority, demonstrated by the rounded edges and non-toxic paint and polish. Transform your classroom and and inspire young minds with X&Y Furniture’s captivating Pretend play range.

 Choose from a wide range of pretend-play options and and create an environment where learning and fun intertwine.

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