Red Tulip Changing Station


“X&Y is a wooden furniture brand specially designed for kids. At X&Y, the entire furniture line has been crafted keeping 2 important things in mind:
First – Children – the designed are simple, practical, sturdy, easy to clean of course stylish which would complement any decor, be it school, playroom, classroom, play zones etc.
Second – Sustainability, the construction material used are FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood and construction methods are such that we don’t require enormous amount energy, it is quick & simple.”

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“Red Tulip Changing Station by X&Y is a modern durable and spacious addition to your daycare. It is designed for the nursery with spacious, smooth guide drawers, easy accessible open shelves. Keep lotions and powders in the convenient sectioned top area, and store different size diapers and wipes in the divided compartments of the large cabinet. Now you can stop hurting your back while changing diapers 20 times a day and have all essentials you need to wrap the baby handy. There is ample space for all your essentials with space to keep soft bed to make sure comfy to the baby. This Changing Station ensures healthier early learning environment.

Key Features
● Versatile Design
● Space Saving Station
● Changing Tray
● Sectioned top area
● Spacious & Sturdy
● Divided storage compartments in cabinet
● Smooth Gliding Drawers”

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions119 × 48 × 90 cm


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