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Library Rack

35 X 12 X 78 Inch

Library Rack 2

75 X 12 X 78 Inch


35 X 12  X 78 Inch 

Storage With Door

35 X 12 X 78 Inch

Metal Rack

35 X 12 X 78 Inch

Wooden Rack

35 X 12 X 78 Inch

Revamp your classroom with X&Y Furniture‘s remarkable collection of eco-friendly and sustainable storage solutions. Crafted from birchwood, our storage options, including open, semi-closed, and closed shelving, are meticulously designed to meet your specific requirements.

 Experience the perfect blend of durability, simplicity, and style as our storage products not only provide functionality but also add a touch of visual allure to your learning space. Vibrant colors and attractive designs will invigorate your classroom while promoting organization and effortless accessibility to school supplies, books, and toys.

At X&Y Furniture, our lightweight storage solutions boast child-safe features with rounded edges, ensuring the utmost safety for your young learners. With a wide variety of sizes and shapes to choose from, tailor your storage setup to perfectly suit your primary or pre-primary classroom needs. Invest in our eco-friendly and sustainable storage solutions, and transform your classroom into a haven of organization, inspiration, and unparalleled appeal.

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