Purple Orchid Montessori Wardrobe


X&Y is a wooden furniture brand specially designed for kids. At X&Y, the entire furniture line has been crafted keeping 2 important things in mind:
First – Children – the designed are simple, practical, sturdy, easy to clean of course stylish which would complement any decor, be it school, playroom, classroom, play zones etc.
Second – Sustainability, the construction material used are eco friendly plywood and construction methods are such that we don’t require enormous amount energy, it is quick & simple.


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Boost your child independence, accessibility and confidence with our Purple Orchid Montessori Wardrobe. By providing a wardrobe that is the appropriate size and height you can help enable your child to dress themselves. Your children can practice essential care-of-self skills at home and grow in confidence. Choosing your best outfit the night before or decluttering your little one’s room by having their clothes in one place makes it a great exercise for both cleanliness and fashion sense. With adjustable shelves, an adjustable dowel, it’s easy to customize the piece to your child’s size and needs.
Need For Montessori Wardrobe
● Promotes independence
● Teach life-skills
● Builds self confidence
● Provides freedom and sense of responsibility
● Develops self expression
● Pre Laminated MDF

Key Features
● Multiple storage options
● Safe, Stable and Stylish piece of Furniture
● Versatile Design
● High Quality material and finish
● Easy Assembly and Cleaning

Additional information

Weight4 kg
Dimensions60.96 × 48.26 × 10.16 cm


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