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Green Banana Organiser

 13 X 5.10 X 5 Inch 

pen holder

Trolly 2

7.5 X 7 X 4.5 Inch 

pen stand

Pen Stand

7.5 X 5.5 X 3.5 Inch 

wall shelf

Wall Shelf

24 X 3 X 4 Inch 

bunny organiser

Bunny Organiser

8.5 X 5.5 X 8 Inch 


10 X 4 X 6 Inch 

Foster a love for art and friendship with X&Y Furniture’s eco-friendly two-sided easel.  Crafted from sustainable birchwood, this kindergarten essential fosters creativity and social interaction. Watch as little artists collaborate and paint together, experiencing the joy of creation side by side. The vibrant palette table adds a burst of color to the art room, igniting inspiration in every stroke. Display their masterpieces on the hot air art hanger, celebrating their achievements and boosting their confidence. The easel is aided with an art trolley to store away the supplies and hide the mess. 

Engineered for efficiency, it offers an easy-to-clean surface, spacious shelves, and sturdy wheels for easy maneuvering. Our eco-friendly storage solutions ensure a clutter-free environment, allowing imaginations to flourish. With an array of captivating colors and designs, you can personalize your art room, creating a space that sparks limitless creativity. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency, artistry, and sustainability with X&Y Furniture.

Elevate your art room to new heights and inspire young minds with X&Y Furniture’s exceptional collection

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