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India's best School furniture
Supplier and Manufacturer



Pine wood
& Prelam
Space saving
Ready to Use
High Screw
Holding Capacity
50 Kgs weight

Let's Save the planet



Create a space that’s both functional and eco-friendly with the X&Y Solid Wood Chairs. Introducing the perfect kid-friendly range of school chairs. Made with eco-friendly materials, this wooden chair is designed to provide a comfortable and safe seating experience for children. With sturdy construction and ergonomic design, they can focus on their activities with appropriate posture. Its lightweight design makes it easy to move around or stack to open up space.


Smart furniture for Smart Classrooms. Presenting range of X&Y Solid Wood Tables, which comes in varied designs & sizes to meet all school needs. Modern, Eco-friendly & Light Weight Table sets for any setup be it Study, Play or Activities. Different shapes allow multiple cluster configurations for group of all strengths. Enjoy the natural beauty of this Solid Wooden Tables for years to come, as they utmost durable, sturdy and designed for longevity.

Montessori's Shelf

Let your child explore organized learning by experience with X&Y Montessori’s Shelf. Our eco-friendly wooden shelf provides an ideal learning environment for developing creativity, independence, and critical thinking skills. With its simple, stylish design & natural wood finish, you can organize school supplies, books, and toys with ease. It’s the perfect addition to any Class or Library. Let children take the lead with Montessori’s Shelf!


Give your classroom a modern and eco-friendly upgrade with X&Y Book Storage! Our lightweight, child-safe storage units are perfect for organizing books and keeping them safe while adding a stylish touch to any room. Children can easily choose what books they want to hear, and as they grow it will be simpler for them to choose what they want to read. It’s perfect for books, folders, and other supplies – so you can keep your classroom neat, tidy and clutter-free!

Montessori Classroom Furniture



Eco -friendly
ISO Certified Furniture
Non – Toxic Paint & Polish
Child Safe with Rounded edges
Made In India

Let's Save the planet


Print Storage

Keep your school essentials, books or toys organized with the help of X&Y Storage Solutions. Our stylish storage boxes come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes, making it perfect for all kinds of uses. With a sturdy, eco-friendly wooden construction, our storage is designed to last. Accentuate your décor with vivid thematic prints, thus your storage is not only functional but also eye-catching!

Print Table

Sustainable, Functional & Funky! Now enjoy any X&Y range of tables decorated with bright and colourful thematic / character prints that add a vibrant touch to any classroom. Our lightweight, durable tables are designed to be comfortable and ergonomic for children of all ages. Furthermore, with prints series you’ll be sure to create an inspiring learning environment that your students will love.

Art Room Trolly

Make your art class go green with the X&Y Art Room Trolley! Our eco-friendly trolley is designed to keep your art room clutter-free, while helping you save valuable time. Perfect for any art classroom, it features an easy-to-clean surface, spacious shelves for all your supplies, and strong wheels for easy manoeuvrability. Get a more organized & sustainable art space with the X&Y Art Room Trolley today!

Art Room Storage

Make sure your school’s art room is always neat and organized with X&Y Art Room Storage! Our eco-friendly storage solutions are perfect for keeping materials and supplies neatly tucked away and ready for use. With multiple colors and designs to choose from, you’ll find the perfect fit for any art room. Plus, our storage solutions help reduce clutter, improve organization, and save you time so you can focus on the creative side of teaching!

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