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Product Assembly Videos

Product Assembly Videos

Assembly videos- In assembly videos, we provide a demo of how to assemble all the parts of the products. The very seed of life, X&Y are the chromosomes of each human being. We bring to you sustainable kids’ furniture pieces from nature, as full of life as our children. Caring, peppy and playful. Our products are a catalyst to a child’s healthy growing years.

At X&Y, the entire furniture line has been crafted keeping two important things in mind: 

First– Our Children:

The designs are simple, practical, sturdy, easy to clean and of course stylish which would compliment any decor, be it school, playgroup, bedroom or even living room.

Second – Sustainability:

 The construction material used is FSC certified Baltic Birch plywood and construction methods are such that we don’t require enormous amounts of energy to build, it is quick & simple. Sophisticated and sustainable kids furniture.

About X&Y – I  started reading and researching articles on healthy baby growth, Do’s and Don’ts for a newborn and the list goes on!! One fine day while I was searching for sustainable, child-safe, natural, toxin-free furniture, I realised there were no options. 

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