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Activity Furniture

X&Y Kids Furniture specializes in crafting high-quality wooden furniture for schools, providing a dynamic and engaging environment for young learners. Our activity furniture seamlessly blends durability, functionality, and vibrant design to enhance educational spaces. From colorful desks to interactive storage solutions, each piece is meticulously designed to foster creativity, collaboration, and a love for learning. X&Y Kids Furniture is committed to creating inspiring educational settings where children can thrive, making us the preferred choice for schools dedicated to quality and innovation in classroom furniture.

sensory table

Sensory Table

Model No – SS259318

Dimension –  25 X 17 X 19 Inch (L X W X H)


Light Table

Model No – SS259418

Dimension – 22 X 22 X 19 Inch (L X W X H)

BENCH - Copy

Desk Bench

Model No – SS259518

Desk Dimension – 35.5 X 17.5 X 25 Inch (L X W X H)

Bench Dimension – 35.5 X 12X 15.5 Inch (L X W X H)

Easel Board

Model No – SS259618

Dimension –  17 X 15.5 X 30 Inch (L X W X H)



Model No – SS259718

Dimension – 38 X  31.5 Inch (L X W )

PG - Copy (2)

Peg Board

Model No – SS259818

Dimension – 43 X  31.5 Inch (L X W )

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